Strength Of Materials is a new rock band for string quartet, playing new material written by Vancouver musician Ford Pier, and performed by him along with Meredith Bates, Cris Derksen, Elyse Jacobsen, and John Kastelic. This group of performers boasts a unique provenance ranging from Kanye West to Ladyhawk, from British Columbia's various symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles to D.O.A., from cellist Derksen's dancefloor-aboriginal fusion to violinist Bates' Juno-nominated avant-jazz combo Pugs & Crows. It's a rock band, all right; verses, choruses, parallel fifths, plagal cadences, the pulse which connects them physically with the tides, the celestial cycles, death and resurrection and a Hellhound On Your Trail.

You know that part just at the end of Act 2 of Götterdämmerung where the orchestra plays what is unmistakeably the riff from "Strychnine"? Well, this is nothing like that, but you get the idea.