The question is often casually posed about what music you’d bring with you to a desert island. Sometimes, I don’t think I’d want to hear music on a desert island, or if I were the Last Man On Earth or whatever. Without love, without trust, without the connections between people that music limns the recognizing of, music could become a taunt. Music, untethered from the feelings that it alone can express, could become just a sound; an alarm reminding you with every phrase and every beat that there’s no one left to experience things with, to hide things from, to oppose, to cherish… You need people, even if you go out of your way to avoid them. If there were no more people, I think I’d use my eyes more, but probably not for long.

Life is worth living because you’re reading this, and because we have things in common, including the things we may disagree over, and I have to believe there’s nothing particularly remarkable in that. If we can feel the way we do, then anybody can.

Highlights for the year continue to pile up: solo sets at the Winnipeg Interstellar Rodeo and supporting Bob Mould in Vancouver (more to come on that front, sharing the bill with the likes of Chris Brown, Selina Martin, and Tom Holliston HIMSELF!!) and sit-ins with Oh Susannah and The Rheostatics being crowned with The Vengeance Trio’s 10th anniversary and hope held out for both a pre-Christmas release of the finally-completed album Expensive Tissue and at least ONE Strength Of Materials show before the end of the year.

Watch this space for details.

I know, I know, watching this space for details makes a month in a duck blind seem turbulent. Fun turbulent, even. As ever, I vow to improve. My persistent failure makes the vow no less sincere. In the meantime, the aberrantly disquisitive can refer to this little confab with The Georgia Straight’s Allan MacInnes.

Thanks to the redoutable Erik Iversen, shooting for for the image.

See you in Baltimore for the Alice Donut show next week!