Must-Have Training Accessories For Your Vagina

Geisha balls, cone balls, pleasure balls, vaginal balls, Ben Wa balls and love balls. Besides a lot of names, there are also a lot of misconceptions about the balls in your vagina. Knowing how it really works? Are there risks to Ben Wa balls? These are the facts.

What are they?

Love balls are balls that you put in your vagina. They come in all sizes and different materials, such as plastic and silicone. Some variants have a choir, others you just release. You can wear them all day long: whether you are at home, sitting on the bike or at work.

What are the love balls for?

There is a lot of uncertainty about the operation of the balls. Some people think that wearing love balls leads to intense pleasure, but they are not actually intended for that. There are indeed women who experience an exhilarating feeling through the friction of the love balls against the vaginal wall and the g-spot, but of course this is not. The balls are mainly intended to train your pelvic floor muscles. This happens because those muscles have to contract during the wearing of the balls to keep them inside. And that has a positive effect on your sex life. The stronger these muscles are, the more intense your orgasm is. Also trained pelvic floor muscles lead to more feeling during sex and more natural fluid production. Childbirth and age can weaken the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, making it particularly useful after a pregnancy or at a later age to train them. Incontinence symptoms can also be remedied.


How do you use them?

You bring in the balls one by one. Is this stiff? Then apply a little lubricant to the first ball. Be careful not to use too much, because then it will become too slippery and it will no longer stay in place. You can try different places in your vagina to discover what you like the most. Make sure that the love balls are on top of the pelvic floor muscles. You can best place them around.

There are all kinds of balls that you can wear in the vagina, sometimes purely for pleasure and otherwise just to train the pelvic floor. Below you will find a short overview of the different types of vagina balls. You will also notice that the same or a similar product is sometimes offered under different names. Names that you encounter are Geisha balls, cone balls, Ben Wa balls, pleasure balls or Pleasure balls. The later mentioned Chinese balls are clearly in a different category.

The Green Cup Pelvic Floor Trainer

If you really want to work seriously with your pelvic floor, then experts recommend the Cup Pelvic Floor Trainer. You can of course also wear the balls from this set whenever you want. The Green Cup pelvic floor trainers contain a metal ball or ball, which provides extra weight. The set consists of a total of three balls (a loose ball and more traditional string with two balls), which you can loop together. Use the trainer as you want as cone balls for the training of the pelvic floor and as pleasure balls at another time.

Yoni eggs

Speak the vaginal balls for training the pelvic floor or extra enjoyment less, and then take a look at our Yoni eggs. These are used from the Tantric tradition (India) and use sexual healing, vitality and well-being. And with that you can work well on your pelvic floor muscles.

Duo Balls

Invisibly pamper yourself. With these balls for vaginal use, you shiver with pleasure with every movement you make. Wear them secretly to work during the day, or share your pleasure with your partner. Itís an irresistible sexual stimulation invisible to others because of the counterweight they train the vaginal muscles and provide extra sexual pleasure. With a sensitive G-spot continuous pleasure, even while vacuuming!

Become as enchanted as a Geisha

Geisha balls, also called ben-wa balls or lust balls, are usually hollow balls with a weight in them that can roll into the ball. They are inserted into the vagina and serve as erotic toys. The movement of the balls causes an exhilarating feeling during use.

Automatic training of the pelvic floor muscles

The original intention of the balls was to tension the pelvic floor muscles, to move the two against each other. It is claimed that adept geisha with the muscles trained in this way can bring men into ecstasy.

Pleasure balls, which are worn in the vagina, also automatically train the pelvic floor muscles. Exercising the muscles in the vagina helps prevent incontinence. Women who regularly train these muscles often have more pleasure during sex. Penetration is more sensitive and control of the muscles makes the experience more intense and you can cum more easily.