How long can you go?

The dildos seem to be quite simple, but you would be surprised to know how many women misuse them. This is how to use a dildo in the right way.

Sex toys are great for many reasons. Not only can you get up without the need of a man, sometimes it is better to do it yourself. But knowing how to use a dildo effectively is something that not many women have mastered yet.

There is much more than just pasting it and leaving it that way. Knowing which techniques work best and how to use them to meet your needs is something that all women should know. For the sake of orgasms, learn to use a dildo correctly.

Benefits of using Dildos

For those of you who think that masturbation is bad in any way, you are wrong. It is really super beneficial for you. It is healthy to masturbate and learn what you like and need in the bedroom.

Not only is it a great stress reliever, but it will also improve your sex life in the process. When you understand what you need to get off, you can help your partner take you there and, therefore, you will have much more orgasms.

Knowing how to use a dildo may seem obvious to some people, but there are others out there who can’t seem to do it right. And with that, I mean they just aren’t going out the way they should.

If this seems to you, do not worry. You are in the right place. We have exactly what you need to learn how to use a dildo in the right way.

Find the most suitable for you

There are so many different types of dildos out there. Your job first is to find one that is right for you. This can depend on a ton of things like length, girth and even the material from which it is made.

If you tend to feel pain when your partner deepens, then you should use a shorter size. You can even decide to get some of them and try which one is best for you.

As for the material, you can choose from a variety of them such as silicone, rubber, latex, jelly, glass, metal, leather, plastic, and even Cyberskin. Your best option is to go to a sex toy store and feel a variety of them until you find one that you like best. If you do not have time to visit a physical store, then find a reliable store like Love Gasm that offers premium quality dildos.

Get one that is curved

You should also think about whether or not I want a realistic one or one that does not look anything like a penis. These are usually curved and have the clear purpose of directly hitting your G-spot.

Choosing a curved one will be better if you really want to learn how to make yourself have large and intense orgasms. The curve is made to hit your G-spot as soon as you insert it. So, if finishing is your plan, a curved one is the best.

Get some time alone when you’re relaxed

This is essential. You need to have a lot of time alone and you need to relax. Learning how to use a dildo properly takes time. You may need a couple of hours to really get the full effect.

Make sure you are not interrupted. It also doesn’t help if you know you have someone in the house who can break into at any time. The best time to do it is when you are completely alone for hours.

Set the right mood

Yes, you should always set the mood when you are going to masturbate. You need some preliminary games for you too! Having the right setting and mentality to let go and have fun can help you finish faster.

And that means you can find out what works best when you’re in the mood. So turn off the lights, play music that relaxes you and accept it!

Place a pillow under your butt and lie down

Now is the time to start. Before trying any other position, lie on your back and place a pillow under your rear. This will tilt your pelvis up and allow you to hit your g spot much more easily.

This is the best position to start because it is the easiest way to hit your G-spot directly. Other positions work well, but this will help you start stimulating the right areas from the beginning.

Use some lubricant

You must use lubricant. Your dildo does not offer lubrication and it is easier to start when everything is lubricated and ready to go. For that reason, you should get an excellent lubricant that you know works well. You’ll also want to make sure it’s easy to clean, since you’ll have to do that when you’re done with your toy.

Slide it and start experimenting

You are all ready to go now, so slide it and start. The trick is to start slowly. Don’t force it and start moving it in and out at fierce speeds. First it must be heated.

Start slowly and increase speed as you begin to discover what feels good. This will ensure that you are stimulating that g-spot in the right way.

Try some deep movements

Now that you’re hot and ready for more pleasure, try moving the dildo deeper. If you are one of those who tend to like deep penetration, this will be great for you.

While it is quite deep, move your pelvis too

This will help the dildo to hit all the places that are not normally reached. And that means you can discover if there is a sweet spot that you have missed.

Then try to keep the movements shallow

You should also try some superficial and fast movements. Some women have their G-spot located much lower than others and do not really need deep penetration. Actually, this may be the reason why you can’t finish if it’s something that is difficult for you.

  • Doing this can help you discover if you really need a deep penetration or if all you need is a superficial thrust. Move the dildo to this depth and see if you can hit any sweet spot.

Try different positions and places

Now that you know the basics, you can try new positions. Some people report that the best positions are doggy, lying on your back and even on your stomach.

Do not forget that you can also try different places

If it was with a dildo that has a suction cup at the bottom, you can try some standing positions in the shower. Change and keep trying until you find the perfect position for you. Learning how to use a dildo correctly is something that will take time. But once you solve it, you will be very happy to have done it.