Here is Why Yoni Eggs Became Popular

Yoni eggs or even jade eggs have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries. They are small, egg-shaped gems that are introduced and stay in the vagina. This gently trains the pelvic floor as it has to keep the light weight active.

“Yoni” in Sanskrit means “Venerable Place” and is used for the female lap and the womb. Like every muscle, the pelvic floor should be trained and the yoni egg makes it very gentle. For the particularly weak pelvic floor (eg after a birth) it is recommended to start at night or during the day 1-2 hours. But honestly, the egg tells you when it’s enough! For inserting yoni eggs this is the best case now.

More Sensitivity Through A Yoni Egg

The pelvic floor training is not all. “The urogenital system and the pelvic floor muscles support the sexual organs. Using the Yoni Egg will help them all, “explains Violeta Labella of Yoni Egg Rocks . “Increased sensitivity allows you to better control that part of your body. As we know, there is more than just this one G-spot. So many sensitive points in the vaginal canal are gently awakened by the yoni egg. “

Many women have difficulty getting to the point of masturbation or sexual intercourse right away. In addition to psychological causes such as stress and tension, this can also have physical causes. Getting to know your body better and strengthening the vaginal muscles is a great way to experience more intense orgasms. There are aids such as love balls and pelvic floor gymnastics, but also a particularly fascinating utensil: the yoni egg. We’ll tell you what’s up with this pretty gemstone gem.

That a strengthened pelvic floor muscles can help not only with incontinence after a pregnancy, but also during sex, you may have heard before. However, very few women practice the fitness exercises that also strengthen the vaginal muscles. For others, they simply do not show the desired results. It is much easier, if you strengthen your muscles with aids. Just like how the yoni egg (also known as a yoni stone) can strengthen the muscles almost automatically.. How exactly this works, why a strengthened musculature brings you better orgasms and why everyone is riding on yoni eggs, you will find out here.


The story behind the yoni egg

Yoni eggs are also known as jade or love eggs. Its name comes from Sanskrit and refers to the female genitals, but at the same time also means something like “holy place”. The egg-shaped gems were used more than 5,000 years ago in China because it was believed that yoni eggs from jade stones, in particular, retain female sexual power and sensuality. Yoni eggs can also be other gems like rose quartz or black obsidian. However, green nephrite jade in particular has a healing and invigorating effect in traditional Chinese culture. The noble eggs are therefore more than just a disreputable utensil for strengthening the vaginal muscles. Some even attribute the eggs a positive effect on female sexuality.

Intense orgasms thanks to strengthened vaginal muscles

Even if you have no problems getting to the climax, strengthening the vaginal muscles can improve your orgasms even more. With a pronounced pelvic floor muscles, you can control your body much better during sex and get a more conscious feeling for your anatomy. Training with a yoni egg is quite simple: You introduce it into your vagina and the weight of the stone causes your muscles to contract automatically. Only if your pelvic floor muscles are very weakened, such as after a pregnancy, will you need some practice to hold the yoni egg in your vagina.

With the inserted egg, you can now contract and release your vaginal muscles alternately. Advanced yoni egg users do these exercises in different positions with knees bent, legs outstretched or even alternately by the tension of the left and right vaginal muscles – yes, that’s possible too! These exercises may seem boring and inconspicuous to you at the beginning, but over time you will notice how the training affects your sensitivity during masturbation or during sex.

Why everyone is going to yoni eggs?

As already mentioned, there are other utensils for pelvic floor muscle training. Well-known are love balls, which consist of one or more plastic balls and are available in erotic shops. Although yoni eggs have existed for millennia, they are now gaining wider publicity in Western culture. Many women now swear by the eggs made of gemstone – probably because it is a nice idea to wear a gem instead of a piece of plastic in the vagina.

In addition, yoni eggs are made of natural materials, are polished absolutely smooth and can therefore be easily inserted. Depending on experience and trained muscles yoni eggs are offered in different sizes. Larger stones are better suited for beginners, as small stones are much harder to hold with the vaginal muscles.

On top of that you can not only choose different sizes for Yoni eggs, but also your favorite stone. You can either go for your favorite color or, if you’re a bit of an esoteric, pick a stone with a supposed effect. Since the stones are made of real gemstone and must be polished high quality, they also have their price. Rose quartz models are available from Amazon for around 30 dollar. For a yoni egg made of nephrite jade you have to plan about 48 dollar.