Best Bed Sheets For Sex

While sex locations are abundant, the bedroom obviously sees the most action.

And with all the friction, fluids, and feistiness going on, it’s not a good idea to neglect your textiles.



Gone are the days of a Wal-mart set over your university, single dorm bed. Aside from a good night’s sleep, decent bedding is important for you sexcapades.

  • Heat or cool– you won’t want to be too hot or cold
  • Durability – sheets need to go through many rounds in the washing machine and not fall apart
  • All-around comfort – the feeling of rough sandpaper is not sexy


Let’s pull back the covers and take a closer look…






Thread count is the number of vertical (“warf”) and horizontal (“weft”) threads woven into a square inch.

In general, the higher the thread count, the better the material. It will be softer, endure more washes (sometimes getting softer over time), be more breathable, and be all-around more comfortable.)

You’ll also want to aim for something over 200 (the highest being around 600, but some people argue you can go as high as 800).

But beware…

If you see anything higher than 800 (even 600-700), chances are you’re getting ripped off. A legitimate 250 blend should be 125×125, but some manufacturers will take cheaper, less durable threads, twist them together and up the TC.

EXAMPLE: Taking 5 threads, twisting them, weaving them into a 125×125, then saying it’s 1250 thread count. You just end up with more of a bad thing.




The best cotton in the world comes from Egypt. After that, it’s Prima, which is made in America, Australia, or Peru.

Also, make sure they are labeled as 100% Egyptian/Prima cotton.

Some of the same companies that lie about thread count will weave a small amount of good cotton into the sheets (as low as 5-10%) but charge you through the roof.

Cotton-Polyester blends will endure better, won’t wrinkle, and be more affordable. But they won’t breathe very well.

Forget the cliché satin or silk sheets – they’re slippery and hot AF. You’ll wake up drenched in sweat (and not from any fun bedroom antics.)




Remember when I said high thread counts are good? Well, quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

If you have bedding that is a real 200 TC of legitimate Egyptian cotton, it will be a million times better than 800 TC of poor quality material.

It’s about the THREAD.

Single-ply, long or extra-long staples, 180-300 TC, E/P cotton will be something akin to sleeping in soft, smooth, warm butter.




It won’t be cheap.

Expect to splurge hundreds of dollars (e.g. $200 for a good, full set).

These, however, will last you a very long time – and you might end up saving more money than if you had bought several cheap sets.

EXTRA TIP: Some people claim the best weavers will be Italian (long history of textiles). Keep this in mind if you’re going for some primo sets.




This is entirely up to you. Some like white, others like patterns. It doesn’t matter. The only difference would be needing a wash or two to get the pattern and colored ones to relax.

I heard someone claim that red is a turn-off, but I still think that’s personal.





Make sure to change and wash your sheets once a week. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s sometimes easy to forget, especially if you’re busy and all you can do is open the door and fall on your bed after a long day at the office.



This is more for if you’re single and wanting to bring people back to your place. Keeping the sheets unscented will reduce the risk of allaric reactions or sensitivities.



A memory foam layer will help disguise/muffle creaking mattress sounds (if you’re worried about people hearing).



I’ve never tried them, but apparently natural/organic latex mattresses are very comfortable and supportive (especially for sex) – not to mention having a longer life than other styles. They are also movement isolating.

They are, however, very expensive, and some brands will mix synthetic latex in with their blend and call it “natural” – so watch out.



Okay, okay, I’ve gone on and one about the benefits of silky-smooth, high-quality sheets If you want to have some fun, try some novelty or targeted bedding.




If you’re going to get into any kinky play (like edible massage oils, foods, wax play etc.) You won’t want to endanger those expensive sheets we just talked about. Anything REALLY messy should be done over cheap blankets.

Or, you can use RUBBER or VINYL sheets– they clean up in a jiffy. Just search for “wet games”. “wet play” or “waterproof” sets.

Latex sheets might look like a good idea, but some people have synthetic latex allergies, not to mention they can tear quite easily.




TWISTER ON YOUR BED – These are a single sheet that’s printed just like a Twister board – complete with spinner. Strip off those clothes and play!

KARMASHEETRA – A fun bed cover with hand, butt, and other body prints that show you what kind of kinky positions you can fold yourself into – better if you want to get straight to sex games instead of Twister’s foreplay.

SEX POSITIONS 101 – If the Karmasheetra is too cryptic for you, the simple cover lists them (with handy diagrams).


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Since some of the nicer bedding will be more on the expensive side, don’t feel like you have to toss out all your department store sets immediately.

Save up for one set and then maybe one more in a couple of years.

Are there any great bed sheets you would recommend? Which ones feel like silk? Any sandpaper ones you want to warn everyone against? Tell us in the comments!